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LIBREVILLE, GABON, AFRICA  @ Moughenda’s Village

TBA dates to be confirmed (SUMMER 2022)




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IBOGAwaken & IBOGATemple


Is IBOGA calling you in deeper?

Retreat to the root of where it all comes from and take your journey further into Moughenda’s Village, and fully initiate yourself into the Bwiti tradition. 
This 14-day all-inclusive retreat (accommodation, food, transportation & a French-English translator) allows you to relax and be present within the life-changing experience of “be-ing” with the Bwiti.

Your retreat includes a welcome Ceremony, psycho-spiritual ceremony and a Bwiti initiation ceremony, all profound healing ceremonies.  Two weeks at the village will give a good understanding the Bwiti teachings, training in traditional instruments, jungle treks etc.  

Emerge yourself with the locals and enjoy plenty of singing and dancing. 

Feeling called to know more and continue learning?  Discuss with us what providership training is all about.  This would allow you to safely host your own retreats using the IBOGsacrament.

We offer a Group discount should you and a few friends wish to share the experience. 

Opening our hearts and minds to possibility and passion for a life-changing experience

$TBA CAD  Subject to medical, a deposit will be required at booking. Price is subject to group numbers. 

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TBA to be confirmed (SUMMER 2022)


  • 2 weeks all inclusive at the Moughenda's Village 

  • 1 traditional Bwiti IBOGA Welcome Ceremony upon arrival 

  • 1 traditional Bwiti IBOGA Psycho-spiritual Ceremony

  • 1 traditional Bwiti Initiation IBOGA ceremony into the Bwiti tradition

  • Preparatory call with one of our IBOGA providers with personalized medical screening & preparation

  • Sustainably & ceremonially harvested medicine from our Bwiti teacher Moughenda

  • One on one talk therapy throughout the week and Pre & Post Ceremony counselling sessions with on site providers.

  • Homemade meals - Meals prepared with local ingredients.  We can cater for any additional dietary needs (please advise when making your reservation). 

  • Anything else that you may need assistance with, we are more than happy to help.

If you are a resort location and wish to have a Traditional IBOGA Provider conduct a ceremony at your location, please email us at

We can travel to you!

Are you ready to take the next step?


Everything is nothing until you make it something

Missoko Bwiti Shaman Moughenda