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Sherry has been on her own personal healing path and studying the healing arts for twenty years. She studied at Transformational Arts College in Toronto and graduated from three programs over the course of twenty years; Holistic Practitioner, Life Coach and Spiritual Psychotherapy. When she connected with Iboga and Bwiti three years ago, she was in awe of her experience as she was able to go deeper into her healing than she had with any other conventional therapies or sacred plant medicines. After her first retreat, she understood the meaning of her studies as it had led her to the tradition and its sacrament, a perfect marriage between her studies and the medicine.

Following an intuitive calling, she apprenticed with Michael during his Canadian retreats for six months before travelling to Gabon for her Missoko Bwiti Initiation and Rites of Passage in 2018. She continued apprenticing with Michael for another year before travelling again to Gabon for 3 months to complete her Iboga Provider training program under Moughenda Mikala. Sherry graduated from her providership training in August of 2019.

Sherry has continued mentoring under Michael and helped open a new centre in Mexico, from 2019-2020. Sherry went off again to Africa to continue her studies with 10th generation Shaman Moughenda for the summer of 2020. As a native French speaker, Sherry acts as a translator and interpreter when in Gabon.

Sherry loves everything to do with personal healing/development and is eager to work with anyone who is looking to do the same. Sherry has a go-getter attitude and a tell-it-like-it-is personality, all the while being able to have a great sense of humour and enjoys a good laugh. Even though this is serious personal work, she believes you can have some fun while doing it. What she enjoys most about the work is hearing good news from her clients and guests once they’ve returned home and making the shifts towards creating the life they want.  Sherry is 100% dedicated to guiding you through your journey and giving you the support you need. Sherry does what she loves and loves what she does.


10th Generation Shaman/Nima, Bwiti Teacher

Moughenda is 10th generation Shaman in the Missoko Bwiti tradition, currently living and working in Gabon Africa. He has been living and breathing this tradition and this Shamanic way his entire life. He was introduced to the medicine in utero, but it wasn’t until he was 8 years old that he took his very first big dose of medicine and started training with his grandfather, the 9th generation Bwiti Shaman. It take about twenty years of intense training and four major initiations to earn the title of a Bwiti Shaman. Once he graduated as a Shaman, he continued to work closely with his grandfather for an additional ten years.

Moughenda was guided by the medicine to open up the Bwiti tradition and its powerful healing medicine Iboga to anyone who was interested in learning and healing with it. He moved to North America where he spent sixteen years studying western culture and eventually opened up a centre in Costa Rica where he treated many people over the course of a few years. This also allowed him to closely train Westerners who were interested in learning this Shamanic way of healing and providing to others. He is the only Shaman to have ever been given the rights to guide Westerners in Bwiti Shamanic training for psycho-spiritual journeys. 

Training with Moughenda consists of a two-month stay in Africa, where you learn the theory of providership, and most importantly, you get to know yourself on a deeper level and therefore are able to heal yourself. Moughenda has graduated Sherry in 2019 where he continues to guide and support her as a teacher and mentor.

“To me, living as a true shaman is the best thing that ever happened to me. I love and enjoy working with people, helping them heal deep wounds, find their true selves, discover happiness and their true spiritual paths,” he says. “Meeting people from all walks of life, sharing the Bwiti tradition’s teachings and knowledge - the medicine of Iboga and its healing has been a huge blessing to me. I thank God every day for being born into a true shamanic lineage.” Moughenda

Adele from Iboga Temple


Based in Calgary, Alberta, Adele is a Bwiti initiate and has been working with iboga medicine for over five years. Having struggled with and overcoming addiction herself had been called to do detox work. Her support in ceremony and integration is informed by her ongoing study of psychology, neuroscience and addiction studies. She is in private practice, seeing clients for retreat preparation, integration and ongoing counseling. 

Tisha (Guest Provider by Discover the root)

Tisha is based out of California USA and has a broad background in personal development, holistic healing, and overall spiritual well-being. Through the personal experience of moving forward from her own early childhood trauma and depression, she has helped many others overcome their trauma. For years she has studied with 10th generation shaman Moughenda, spending months at a time in Africa and she continues to train to this day. She has been an entrepreneur, supporting herself with plants and all nature has to offer. She is passionate about helping people find what makes them happy and moving forward from their own personal traumas with the help of Iboga.

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