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Expression of Interest

Intake Booking Application


invites you to take the ultimate journey into plant medicine

Has IBOGA called you? 

We invite you to complete our intake bookings application.

To be able to book a retreat, we require a short interview to ensure you are ready and able to walk the journey with IBOGA. There are some contraindications with IBOGA and

some may need extra steps before attending a retreat.

Once the intake has been submitted, one of us will be in touch shortly to discuss the next steps. 

Registration Intake Form
How did you find out about us?
What event locations are you interested in?

The following questions will assist us in understanding your personal situation and current health condition. Privacy is essential, and all information gathered is purely to ensure your safety and help us make any precautions required for your IBOGAwaken Retreats.

We will discuss these details with you further on our phone consultation to approve your application for your IBOGAwaken Retreats.

Are you seeking to resolve any of the following?
Do you have any of the following?

By submitting you will also receive our IBOGAwaken Retreats newsletter that gives you quarterly updates on new retreats, locations, and everything new to  IBOGAwaken. Our newsletter aims at involving you in our world and the world of possibilities for you.  

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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