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Missoko Bwiti Shaman Moughenda


Bwiti tradition – Shamanic healing

Bwiti a tradition which comes from the Bwiti tribe in Gabon, Africa, meaning...

 “the study of life or study of nature”.


Bwiti is not a religion but a traditional spiritual path that takes you to a deep connection with your soul,

teaches you to master yourself, and to be present in your own experience.

It empowers you to uncover all the truths about yourself that may be holding you back from living the life you want.

To journey within, we use the sacred plant medicine IBOGA. It is the tradition’s sacrament, a “gentle giant”

plant teacher with the innate wisdom to bring you to the truth of who you are.


It is considered that a week long IBOGA retreat can be equivalent to doing 10 years of personal therapy.

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Are you ready to unlock the power of healing and transform your life? Connect with your soul and awaken your spirit with the help of this sacred medicine, shamanic teachings, and a 7 day retreat. We will be here supporting you throughout your experience to help you uncover your full potential. Come join us for the journey within.


Please complete the intake form before attending an Ibogawaken Retreat, and we will reach out to discuss the next steps


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What Is IBOGA?

Used in a Shamanic traditional Bwiti psycho-spiritual ceremony setting, this is a powerful sacred plant teacher that has the ability to heal the mind, body and soul. It is a Central African Shrub root containing many active alkaloids.

Taken orally, IBOGA has psychoactive properties, and it gently stimulates the nervous system by cleaning/polishing your neurotransmitters which brings them back to their original default setting.

For this reason, IBOGA is known to be one of the most powerful plant medicine for treating addictions,

and providing insight and clarity into one's life and to the truth of oneself.

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