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“Tabernanthe iboga” is a native plant (shrub or bush) grown in Central Africa that produces a yellowish, orangish fruit that is not traditionally eaten by humans.  Animals are known to eat the fruit and organically spread the seeds as part of the reproduction of the plant.   The shrubs roots are what is used, and also known as the "Root bark", the traditional Bwiti sacrament. 

In addition to gifting the earth with its beauty, iboga's root/ bark that holds many active alkaloids and is used in traditional African medicine.





"Be fearless and take the leap of faith."

~ RA

"Down-to-earth approach & delightful sense of humour."

My soul is not just singing but dancing now!

~ RS

My iboga ceremonies have been Beautiful and GENTLE

while at the same time firmly bringing forth traumas and emotions I didn't even know

impacted me.

~ SS 

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