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Our Journey helping others

Contributing to the collective healing and happiness of human souls on earth and encouraging their self-knowledge. My aim initially was more personal, healing and learning more about myself, however I have been so captivated by the power of this amazing sacred plant and the Bwiti tradition it comes from, that I want to share it with others who are being called to this medicine. My experience of empowerment with Iboga makes everything seem possible now and sharing this with those who are looking to empower their journey is my desire…

My ultimate desires are to… 

• help heal one heart/mind/soul at a time

• guide others to the life they want to create

• contribute to collective healing and happiness 

• make healing easy for everyone

• empower awareness that self-knowledge is a superpower

• live better lives - self-empowerment

• guide others into self-discovery and healing

• create a better future for the generations to come

• achieve amazing things • spread healing & love

• to make a difference in the world 

~ Bassé

Sherry Healing



Traditional Missoko Bwiti IBOGA Provider, Spiritual Psychotherapist, Life Coach, Holistic Practitioner

Student of Life

Want to be an Iboga Provider?

If you are interested in becoming an Iboga Provider, attending an African retreat or have any questions, we recommend visiting our teacher Moughenda at 

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