Ibogawaken Retreats

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Here at Ibogawaken we invite you to see if you feel a calling to this medicine and to consider partaking in a ceremony to experience one of its best superpowers of healing. 

As the medicine assists you in getting to know yourself on a deeper level,

you awaken to your spirit and connect with your soul.

In the awakening, we learn about ourselves on all levels; physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. This is done by breaking down the illusions of the egos, reprogramming the mind by

eliminating false beliefs, and by releasing any type of pain.

Many of us have struggled at some point in our lives with some of the issues listed below.

Some of these issues may have subsided with time, possibly completely healed.

While others may still be pulling some weight in our daily lives.

By doing this work you are seeing life with a different pair of lenses; you are opening up to be your best self, which will then lead you to live your best life, one of true HAPPINESS.

Bwiti Maboundi Women | Ibogawaken

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• Anxiety • Depression

• Addictions • PTSD • Grief

• Physical Healing • Self Esteem

• Negative Thinking Patterns

• Feeling Stuck • Abandonment

• Anger • Guilt • Shame

• Guidance for Major Life Shifts

• Abuse • Fear • Trauma

• Generational Clearing

(family of origin)

Sherry In The African Jungle | Ibogawaken


We offer different types of retreats for different needs, including co-ed retreats, women's retreats, private one-on-one, family or group retreats, either at your location or ours.

We want to shine a light on women’s work as we understand how important it is for women to support other women. Women’s retreats are held by women for women.

We cater to Canada and the USA, making us very versatile as we can travel to you.
Pricing will be based on the type of retreat requested.


  • 20th Aug to 26th Aug 2021

  • 29th Aug to   4th Sep 2021

  • Take advantage of this special price of $2500USD

  • 7 day, 6 nights accommodation at Ikara Retreat Centre (private room single or double bed).

  • 2 traditional Bwiti Iboga Ceremonies by traditional Bwiti trained female providers

  • Sustainably & ceremonially harvested medicine from our Bwiti teacher Moughenda

  • 2-day trips to beautiful local spots 

  • Preparatory call with one of our Iboga providers with personalized medical screening & preparation

  • Post Ceremony counselling sessions

  • Traditional Bwiti spiritual shower ceremony

  • Catered vegetarian meals - Our private chef provides vegetarian meals prepared with local, organic ingredients that are ethically obtained from within the southern pacific zone. We can cater for any additional dietary needs (please advise when making your reservation). 

  • Airport/hotel pickup service will be available. Plenty of parking on-site should you wish to drive. 

  • Anything else that you may need assistance with, we are more than happy to help.

 Please feel free to reach out to us directly with any inquiries (here).

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Everything is nothing until you make it something

Missoko Bwiti Shaman Moughenda