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Moughendas Village

Moughenda’s Village is an extraordinary journey for some who wish to participate in an traditional Bwiti  African experience. The village is located 4-four hours’ drive from Libreville to the forest where this tradition started.

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Our Teacher Moughenda from 
Iboga Retreat Center

About Moughenda

Moughenda is a 10th-generation Shaman in the Missoko Bwiti tradition, currently living and working in Gabon, Africa. He has been living and breathing this tradition and this Shamanic way his entire life. He was introduced to the plant medicine in utero, but it wasn’t until he was eight years old that he took his very first hefty dose of medicine and started training with his grandfather, the 9th generation Bwiti Shaman. It takes about twenty years of intense training and four major initiations to earn the title of a Bwiti Shaman. Once he graduated as a Shaman, he continued to work closely with his grandfather for an additional ten years.

The medicine guided Moughenda to open up the Bwiti tradition and its powerful healing medicine Iboga to anyone who was interested in learning and healing with it. He moved to North America, where he spent sixteen years studying western culture and eventually opened up a centre in Costa Rica where he treated many people over the course of a few years. This also allowed him to closely train Westerners who were interested in learning this Shamanic way of healing and providing to others.  

Training with Moughenda consists of a two-month stay in Africa, where you learn the theory of providership, and most importantly, you get to know yourself on a deeper level and therefore are able to heal yourself. Moughenda has graduated Sherry in 2019, and he continues to guide and support her as a teacher and mentor.​

“To me, living as a true shaman is the best thing that ever happened to me. I love and enjoy working with people, helping them heal deep wounds, find their true selves, discover happiness and their true spiritual paths,”

“Meeting people from all walks of life, sharing the Bwiti tradition’s teachings and knowledge - the medicine of Iboga and its healing has been a huge blessing to me. I thank God every day for being born into a true shamanic lineage.”


Help out and Support our
Bwiti Community

Banes Ban Dimbu is an international non-profit organization whose mission is to improve the lives of the people in our village and surrounding villages.   

CEO & Founder of
Moughenda Mikala and the team at Banes Ban Dimbu has several campaigns they wish to complete within the next few years. Working on providing clean drinking water, to preserve and protect the health and to advance education among those who need it.

They aim to do this in a sustainable way maintaining the self-sufficiency of the people and their main goal to improve the lives of the people in their village and surrounding villages.

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