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10 years of therapy in a week!

10 years of therapy in a week!

This was the most intense, transcendent, sometimes difficult, incredible, transformative, healing and magical experience I've ever had.

There aren't descriptive words to explain what this is. Other than magic. Wise, old, earth magic.  Damn right, it's 10 years of therapy in a week! It couldn't be facilitated by a better person. Sherry's background in psychotherapy and holistic healing is the perfect marriage with being an Iboga provider. She is heavily trained and takes this work and the Bwiti tradition very seriously and so provides a very knowledgeable and safe experience. The whole week is run like a well oiled machine.  As seriously as Sherry takes her work, she also believes in the healing power of laughter and man, did we ever laugh! My face still hurts! It's a nice reprieve from doing this kind of deep work to be able to release via laughter. Her tough love approach, easy going nature, real authenticity and genuine passion for helping people heal make her absolutely destined for this kind of healing. There's no one I would have rather done this with and I could not recommend anyone more strongly for this.  What I have come away from this experience is too long of a list for a testimonial so I'll keep it to the biggest takeaways.  I have had no signs of Raynaud's phenomenon since my first ceremony (have lived with it daily for 10 years), the treatment for the autoimmune condition I have been working through is taking and I'm finally healing because my body no longer carries resistance associated to past trauma, I have a full toolbelt of skill sets now in order to maintain my incredible emotional state, I have no fear, anxiety, shame or anger in my body, I have found forgiveness in a way I never thought possible, I'm connected to love and joy on such a deeper level and I have a  knowledge and understanding that my life has shifted permanently in the right direction as a result of this experience.  I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that psychedelic plant medicine, and Iboga specifically, is the physical, mental and spiritual healing of the future. 

If you feel the call, don't wait. 

~ GK

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