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One of the most amazing weeks of my life! 

One of the most amazing weeks of my life! 

I’ve been on a soul search journey for a very long time, a journey that had many stops and had led me to experience ayahuasca and just in the past year, Iboga.

Of course, I have done my research and have asked the shaman who basically brought Iboga to the Western world to recommend a person who is trained to work with this sacred plant and could be trusted to properly guide people through this intense journey. And that’s how I’ve met wonderful Sherry, who’s done very intensive and advanced training in Africa to be a provider, after recognizing the limitations of the western psychology applied “by the book”.

I am forever grateful for having met Sherry to guide me through this experience- and I am not going to talk about my iboga experience as I don’t want you to think yours will be the same, as we are all unique individuals- and hold space for me 24/7 during my week at the resort. Her dedication in getting to know me and to understand where I am in order to help me break through this process was outstanding. She has an amazing ability to uncover your hidden issues that need healing and bring them out to the surface in a subtle, loving, and sometimes funny way. Yes, Sherry will not only hold space for you, she will help you dig into your issues to find solutions or healing. And I have to mention that when you do plant medicine, you have to be prepared to process years of trauma, and this is not an easy process. Sherry’s support and nurturing care made it a very smooth experience for me and maybe one of the most amazing weeks of my life! 

~ AS

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